Minnie Harrison
Many people that become interested in Physical Mediumship spend their time and money sitting in Public Séances hoping for evidence and proof of survival after bodily death and to witness Physical Phenomena. This is fine up to a point and can be very entertaining but most will come away disappointed as the spirit communicators tend to be either the circle’s guides or well-known personalities and having a loved one communicate in an evidential way at a Public Séance is quite rare.  
I have sat in dozens of Public Séances since 2000 with seven different Physical Mediums and enjoyed each one but only once have I received a personal evidential message. It was from my grandmother who spoke to me about a family member I didn’t recognize until I went home and found him on a family tree. 
The other disappointment with Public Séances is that, as far as I know, at the moment all are held in full blackout conditions. The fact that Physical Phenomena happens at all is far beyond the boggle threshold of most people and seeing the luminous tabs on tables and trumpets flying round the room in the dark will make most minds decide it’s all a very clever trick or illusion.
Sometimes there are short periods where low light is put on to see ectoplasm on the medium or see a materialized hand etc… but it’s still a far cry from the wonderful Materialization Séances held in the past where all present could see in good light fully materialized ‘dead’ people walking round the room and talking to their loved ones with a recognizable voice and personality.
If you have the interest the best way to get personal proof that Physical Phenomena does happen and ‘dead’ personalities can indeed communicate from spirit is to sit in a home circle for the development of Physical Mediumship.
Find a group of friends that share your interest and begin sitting in circle. You don’t need to find a medium, spirit will do that as your circle will have already attracted a team of spirit friends eager to work with you. If you follow the NAS Guide below and sit in harmony spirit will make themselves known to you.
I remember at one of Colin Fry’s séances ‘Charlie’ came through and said… ‘Just give us the conditions and we will come…
Witnessing Physical Phenomena and Spirit Communications in your own circle made up of people you trust is so much more evidential and rewarding even if it’s just a light touch or seeing blobs of energy in the room. As long as you have the dedication, harmony and patience, it will lead on to so much more as the weeks go by. As the energies and love builds anything will be possible. It will give you plenty to think about and generate more questions in your mind as your spiritual awareness and quality of consciousness evolves.
I have sometimes received correspondence from people who wish to develop physical mediumship but are unable to find anyone in their area who share their interest. My advise to them is to sit on their own and meditate at least once a week with the intention to develop physical mediumship. Leave it in the hands of your spirit friends to work with you in the most beneficial way and have no expectations. Also do you best to get rid of fears and ego and live with love in your everyday life and you will find yourself nudged and inspired to the next step of your journey...    

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